Shanghai Tower - OSRAM Lighting
Lamps Division Gets A Name
Shanghai Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and certainly one of the most impressive at night.  This is due to LED lighting technology from Osram. Osram, one of the world’s leading light manufacturers, made a big change on the 15th of January.  Previously Osram had decided that it’s lamps division would be separated and sold off.  But without a name, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that marketing for such a sale might be difficult.  So the announcement to label this division LEDVANCE is a step in the right direction.
OSRAM Timeline
The name doesn’t change the schedule that is already in place.  The organizational structure will be completed in April while the legal side will take until July.  However, separating this business unit should not be construed as Osram putting it on the back burner.  With more than 10,000 employees and with joint options from Sylvania for volume business, the new division should thrive. The new division is nothing new to the industry. Philips and GE have already split their respective divisions and Philips has already announced it will sell off that division. Interesting changes are coming as the large entities look to the future of lighting and its impact on markets around the globe.