ETO – Three Years In A Row!

Energy Trust Award
A Recognized Leader
The Energy Trust of Oregon once again recognizes Creative Lighting as a top Trade Ally. For 2015, Creative Lighting led the way in commercial lighting projects. This is the third year in a row Creative Lighting has been recognized for this award. We are excited and honored to be recognized for our efforts in the Portland community.
Efficient By Design
Creative Lighting is a recognized leader in commercial lighting projects. A big reason for our recognition is our process. This starts with our first meeting and ends with a happy customer. There is a saying, “The devil is in the details”. This is very true in the world of LED retrofits. It starts with the attention to every detail in our audits. Then as we specify and build projects, we only use quality products. We want our customers happy 10 years in, not upset two years in. But this requires a large knowledge base and using only the best tools in the industry for the design. “Without all of the proper information about the job site, it is next to impossible to specify the right technology for installation”, says John Tuttolomondo lead project specifier. LED is not like the previous lighting technologies, and taking full advantage of all LED has to offer requires understanding the environment. Another crucial part of a project is installation. We work closely with our customers to ensure we understand their needs and environment. We communicate at every stage of the project and make sure customers are happy. Creative Lighting has excelled in our audits, specifications, and installations which leads to recognition from entities like the ETO and BPA. We are excited for 2016 to be another amazing year saving electricity and money for more companies!